1925 Studebaker Duplex Phaeton, with documented frame off restoration by a well known Studebaker expert !

There it is in the Studebaker Magazine Photo of the 2000 International Studebaker meet, where it achieved 362 out of 400 points in the show, earning a second place trophy.  On the right, we see it in 1993, as purchased by the Restorer, David Nietzel, a well known authority and collector of Studebakers.

Here’s the bare frame, and then with body mounted.  The restoration was completed by 1995, based on the dates on the back of the photographs.

More details of the restoration

Before – 1993

After – 1995

Here’s the serious engine work receipt.

And many, many more receipts showing the work done on the car!

Here’s a 1953 Minnesota registration slip – Although it has a misplaced digit in the VIN #, we think it’s for the same car.

Wow!  a beautiful and rare car, with extremely unusual duplex phaeton bodywork. The duplex phaeton is a super early hardtop design, inspired by the Carson or California tops of the era.

Those sidecurtains actually roll down, like window shades!

They are held “down” by slipping the collar over the post in the door.  Pretty ingenious!

It’s a very pretty car, and mechanically excellent as well, it drives very nicely.

I love the factory hardtop design, with glass rear window and glass quarter windows.  Also note the nice rear mounted spare. All the lights, including the tailight, work great.

Pretty from every angle!

Beautifully restored dashboard , with documented correct finish.  The restorer took great effort to make this car correct and authentic.

These gauges are beautiful, and they all work, too,  except for the hydrostatic gas gauge.

I love the cat-eye jewel in the gearshift knob!   If you look at the toe-board, you’ll note the clutch, the brake, and then a round ball device which is the gas pedal.   then, to the right of that, is the starter switch, that you engage with your foot.

The seats are nicely done, in real leather that is soft and comfortable.

Beautiful leather seats and upholstery in the rear seat area, along with footrest.  The wedge shaped thing is a foot heater!  there’s a drawer for a piece of coal or charcoal.  Quite the Jazz-age accessory.  Also shown is a tool roll.

Here’s another interesting feature, the transmission lock.  These cars did not come with an ignition lock, they used this transmission lock.  We still have the key, too!

Close-up of the beautifully restored steering wheel.

The woodgraining on the top of the doors is exactly correct, there’s documentation in the file that shows this is the right way to do it.

The 6 Cylinder Studebaker engine, rebuilt, and it runs great!

Here’s the manifold side.  the vacuum tank works great.  This is a good running, nice car.

Another view.

Clean underneath, too!

An interesting feature, the windshield hinges forward, and locks with these curved guides.

these parking lights with jewel are really cool,  the  housings show some pits, though.

These are the tools.

A nicely restored, interesting and fun car!