1929 Lincoln Dietrich Convertible Victoria

This 1929 Lincoln is a Pebble Beach Veteran, with a beautiful restoration

Dietrich was a master of design and line, and it really shows here, the car looks long and low

The red wheels and interior make a great accent to the Grey exterior

Matching metal trunk

The plating on this car is absolutely gorgeous

CCCA first prize badge, senior and premier.

Beautifully done interior in leather, wool and correct linoleum floors.

Every detail as it should be

Pebble Beach history too, this is the Entrant’s plaque.

Lovely dash and gauges

Twin bucket seats

The rear seats.

And, the rear seats fold up to make more space for luggage if necessary

Beautifully restored and authentic Lincoln V-8 Engine, with correct colors and finishes.

Wow! Look at that engine!

Right side, with the water pump and generator

Everywhere you look, the high quality of the restoration is apparent.

The undercarriage is beautiful too

Here’s the rear window with the top up.

Top up or down, this is a great looking car


A beautiful car, beautifully restored!