This 1934 Packard Twelve 1107 Victoria Coupe is the rare combination of excellent original and preservation, but with excellent mechanical condition and a driving experience that reminds me of what it must have been like to drive a new Packard Twelve! Offered by the Vault Classic Cars dealership, 714-401-1047.


The body style is extremely rare and attractive


The proportion and balance of the design is evident – the 142 inch wheelbase allows for a beautiful long hood, bodywork that occupies the middle of the chassis, and the rearmounted spare makes a long car look even longer!  Also note the unusual wood spoke artillery wheels.


A close look at the front bumper reveals the shock absorbing vibration dampers at each end – there is  system of weights and coil springs inside, which helps keep the car smooth and stable. Advanced engineering like this was what caused the original price of the car to be so high.


Another great touch – the headlights match the grille, both in outline and in the Vee contour of the lens!


The doors fit beautifully, the body structure is in excellent condition.


Beautiful from every angle.


What a beautiful car!


The interior is amazing – original wool broadcloth in excellent condition! Truly well preserved!


It is amazing to see the interior in such great shape


Gorgeous dashboard.  Note the radio head in the center, with it’s own key!  Off to the left is the brake control knob, which adjusts the force of the vacuum boosted brakes.


Excellent original rear compartment and headliner


I can’t believe how well this interior has survived!


When this car was new, men wore hats when they went outside. It was an essential item in the well dressed Packard owner’s wardrobe! So, Packard thoughtfully added this hat clip in the headliner of the car!


The magnificent Packard Twelve engine of 1934!  Correct engine number, and it runs exactly as it should. Smooth, quiet, powerful. Everything a Packard Twelve should be.  It also runs nice and cool, an important quality for a Packard Twelve.


The Packard Twelve engine was 445 cubic inches in 1934.


Proper carburetor, the Stromberg EE3 dual throat downdraft. Distributor with wire shield, and correct coils.


Correct finishes and colors.  Note the vent on the generator, and the vacuum activated Bijur chassis lubricator.


I can’t emphasize enough how nicely this car runs.  Wow!


This car won the AACA trophy for Historical Preservation of Original Features.


The paint on the body might be the original, with a possible clear coat to preserve it.  I think the Fenders were repainted.


A great, great car !