Here is the Duesenberg SJ of the Micro-car world – the Crosley Hot Shot, a car that was so sporty that  one of them won the first Sebring race in 1950  on the index of performance!  A Crosley hot shot beat the Ferraris!  It was on a handicap basis, but,  hey, it’s in the record books!  Think I’m making that up? Click here for the Crosley Club Sebring page

So Look at the top of the list, # 1, the winner, and it is a Crosley Hot Shot! It beat the Ferrari’s, Aston Martins, Jaguar XK-120′s, Cad Allards, and Mercury Allards. I bet they were REALLY annoyed!  But, hey, they knew the Index of Performance rules when they signed up, so no fair whining!  A Crosley participated in LeMans in ’50, and was doing very well – again, on the index of performance – when the generator burned out and the car had to withdraw.

And there is the famous Miles Collier ( In the sport jacket ) presenting the Sebring trophy to the Crosley Hot Shot Driving winners!  The winning car is still in existence in a private collection.

In head to head competition, the Crosleys usually raced in SCCA class H or, in Class G  if they were heated up with a supercharger like Henry Manney’s Pebble Beach Cypress point light car race 4th  place car,

The upshot of all this glorious Crosley racing history is, that if you were to buy THIS Crosley and tune it up a bit, you could make a great case for acceptance at the vintage racing events.  Crosley high performance parts have been re-manufactured, and are readily available today.

This car has an overhead cam 4 cylinder engine! and, believe it or not, factory disc brakes that were adapted from aviation use!

One fine day in  1977,  I went with my Dad to go look at 2 cars – a 390 AMX and this Crosley Hot Shot.  They were a package deal, so he took ‘em both.  The AMX is long gone, but the Crosley, being extremely small, wound up in a corner of the garage.  It didn’t bother anybody, and it was safe and dry. And, there in that corner it stayed, for a really, really long time.

After all that time, it needed a bunch of waking up, which it got, with assistance from Service Motors, the Crosley parts house. the disc brakes were completely rebuilt – that was quite a time consuming and expensive thing to do – as well as a new gas tank, water pump, fuel pump, plugs, motor mounts,and much more. It’s now an easy car to jump in and drive.

We had the seats recovered and new carpeting installed.

There’s the dashboard – Crosley Purists will note that it isn’t the original dashboard. A complete dash panel and 2 good correct instruments are included with this car.

No Doors!  This car left the factory with a rubber molding around the entire passenger compartment.  All the better for reading the condition of the racetrack at Sebring!  If you were fussy and wanted doors, they did make a version, called the Super Sport, that had them.

There’s the original dash panel

And the original Speedometer and Gauge cluster, in good restorable condition.

You could probably just install these gauges, but it might be nice to have ‘em restored.

While we’re talking about stuff to do, there is a small section of rust showing on the right side, and a bit less on the left side.  The paint is very

old, and should eventually be repainted.

There is one of the newly rebuilt disc brake calipers, along with new hoses.  These brakes work great!  We wanted to leave the car better than when it rolled into the garage back in the disco era!

And there’s the engine bay, showing the Overhead Cam 4 cylinder engine.  It runs great.  It has a new water pump, new fuel pump, and rebuilt carburetor.

Race bred!  The wiring harness is pretty old, If I were to restore the car, that would probably be my next project.

We have the top bows, which are included with the car. The only piece we know to be missing is the spare tire bracket that mounts on the trunk.

It’s pretty darn cute!

It’s a great car that only needs a new owner to take it to the next level!