This 1953 Studebaker Starliner coupe has been beautifully restored by a Studebaker marque specialist, and is one of the best examples of the pioneering streamlined 1953 Studebaker Commander Starliner.

Most industrial designers name the 1953-54 Studebaker coupes as the outstanding American car of the Fifties. In 1953 the Starliner won Motor Trend’s award for “the most aesthetically styled,” and it was later cited as a milestone by the  Museum of Modern Art

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This is the Raymond Loewy design firm styled Starliner coupe, a car that was bold and new and looked ahead to the future.  It is much, much lower than it’s competitors of the era – Studebaker beat Pontiac to the Longer Lower Wider approach by 6 or 7 years!

Credited to Raymond Loewy, the Starliner was actually the work of Loewy chief of design Robert E. Bourke. “I patterned it after the Lockheed Constellation aircraft,” Bob said. “The  nose-down feel of the fuselage in particular was reflected in the front fender and hood contours. For side definition I used a sweeping ‘character line’ running from the front fenders through the door, then down in a reverse angle matching that of the rear fenders.”

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It was designed with streamlining in mind, and these slippery, low drag coupes have been popular at the Bonneville Salt Flats for many years.

20170710_174802 (800x450).

This view shows the fin-like chrome highlights on the rear fenders.

20170710_174210 (800x450).

Absolutely beautiful! A 100% original show-winning Starliner, early production with tri-star badges, 232 V-8 and stick-overdrive. Restored by Studebaker expert Jack Lentz, who documented every step with detailed photos and applied a flawless “foot-deep” paint job with original colors.


20170710_174417 (450x800).

The plating and trim on this car are especially nice

InteriorL (800x600).

The dashboard and steering wheel are gorgeous and done in the correct pattern.

20170710_174500 (800x450).

Excellent interior!  Note the arm rest for the rear passengers.

20170710_174441 (800x450).

Another view

20170710_174633 (800x450)

20170710_174533 (800x450).

Nicely trimmed trunk with liner of the correct type.

20170710_174645 (800x450).

Excellent headlining

20170710_174715 (800x450).

There’s the first version of the Studebaker V-8, a 232 Cubic inch powerplant with 120 Horsepower.  It runs perfectly at modern highway speeds and gets over 20 mpg on regular

20170710_174723 (800x450).

I like the proper colors, the correct decals, and the stock air cleaner.  Also notice how sharply raked the fan shroud is to support to allow the streamlining of the hood.

IMG_0803 (800x600).

Here’s a nice view of the undercarriage, including a good view of the overdrive unit and overdrive solenoid.  It’s clean and tidy underneath.

IMG_0799 (600x800).

A view of the gas tank and undercarriage from the rear.

IMG_0804 (800x600).

The front chassis and suspension.

IMG_0801 (800x600).

Undercarriage and floors are nice and solid.

Engine (800x600).

The engine bay is spectacular!

20170710_174614 (450x800).

Excellent chrome!

20170710_174622 (800x450).

Commander trim looks new!

20170710_174559 (800x450).

“Studebaker” !

MtWashingtonLoDef (800x603).

Compare this to everything else on the road in 1953, – only the Corvette, the Kaiser-Darrin and custom built European cars could match it for styling!