Here’s a Cutie!  A 1957 BMW Isetta, with 300 CC 4 cycle single cylinder engine, 4 speed transmission, and folding sunroof! Offered by the Vault Classic Cars dealership, Fullerton, California. Contact us at 714-401-1047 .


The very definition of a micro-car!


And this one is exceptionally nice, with very nice paint, straight panels, solid undercarriage, and nice bumpers and trim!






New Michelin Tires


Great in Profile!


Here’s the best part – the door opens to the front, with the steering column moving on a U-joint!


I love it!  Note the shifter to the left, with the opening through the upholstery. And the emergency brake mounted on the round quadrant on the wheelwell


Here’s the shift pattern, and diagram for choke and heater controls


Nicely done interior!


The big improvement for 1957 was a 50CC increase to 300CC, and a steel connecting rod.  The earlier cars had an aluminum connecting rod which apparently was known to fail!  .

So, This car has the 300 CC engine with steel connecting rod.  We can also see a slide type carburetor similar to motorcycles.


The undercarriage is pretty clean, and it’s been undercoated.


More undercarriage.  The battery box has had some corrosion, that’s the only rust or rust repair I could find.


Nice wheels and tires. The hubcaps, however, look original and have some blemishes. Overall this is a very nicely restored car, but a few things like the hubcaps and the sunroof cover shrinkage keep it from being a show car.


Isetta 300!



Offered by the Vault Classic Cars Dealership, Fullerton, CA, call us at 714-401-1047


International customers are welcome to buy! We’ve sent many cars overseas.


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