The Electra 225 was the top of the Buick line for 1964 – the biggest and most luxurious thing the factory offered!  The quick way to tell the Electra was the 4 “Venti-Ports” on the fender.  The smaller and cheaper cars got only 3 Venti-ports! This one was well equipped from the Factory, including:

  • Factory Air Conditioning
  • Bucket seats and console – very rare and desirable
  • Power windows – all 4 work vigorously
  • Power top – works great
  • Power brakes
  • Power steering
  • AM Radio

The Chrome sweep panels at the lower edge really bring the styling together. The polished mag wheels and fresh tires really look great, too.

And There we are with the top down!

That car really has a profile!I really enjoy driving this car. When you sit behind the wheel, and view the world through the giant expanse of tinted glass, and survey the road from behind that giant hood, the world just looks better!

The red color is really vibrant!

The use of chrome was lavish!  The chrome on the car is good, but some of the die-cast pieces have very small pits in the grooves or edges. it won’t show up in the photos, but in person you can see them.  This car is a good looking cruiser with a solid, rust free body, lots of recent documented mechanical work, and a lot of fun to drive and enjoy.  It’s not a top showcar, though.  It’s a nice driver.

Here’s the front – again, nice chrome, but not perfect chrome.

there are some chips & scratches on the paint, you can see one here on the hood between the “U” and the “I” .  The paint job is nice, and shiny, a decent repaint, but not a super high dollar repaint. Good enough to drive and enjoy, but you would miss points on the paint if it were judged at a show.

There’s the Bucket seats and space-age factory console! You’ll note there are no cracks on the dashpad, and the interior is in nice shape.

Nice new, correct visors.  The windshield surround chrome and stainless is very nice.

Nice rear compartment.

Another view of the cool bucket seats and console.

Here’s the 401 Cubic inch Buick V-8! It has just had a new valvejob and timing chain, and while it was apart, I had the parts painted in the correct Buick green for 1964.  It runs really great, with lots of power!  I also had the steering box rebuilt, and of course new hoses and belts while we were at it.  I have receipts, too, which will go with the car.

The engine bay is reasonably clean, but not show detailed.  I did the best I could with the parts that were removed for the work, such as coating the exhaust manifolds, etc.

The A/C is complete and hooked up, but it’s not blowing cold air.  It will require some work to get that done.

Here are the top bows.  The top mechanism works great!

The top is in great shape except for this small separation by the rear window.

The trunk is solid, with all original sheetmetal. Although it looks like it had surface rust, there is not any through rust.

Another view of the original trunk sheetmetal.

Trunk lid underneath paint.  This car was originally yellow, you can see it under the trunk lid.

The tires are nearly new, and the wheels are awesome!

Radio faceplate looks good, but the radio doesn’t work.

Gauges are in good shape.  The gas gauge is optimistic.  Steering wheel is nice, with only a couple of small cracks.

An awesome car that would make a great family cruiser!


Put it in your garage and smile all the time!