This 1964 Chrysler New Yorker is in beautiful condition! The paint is the factory original color, Rosewood Metallic, with Mauve interior!

Here is the 1964 Chrysler  New Yorker .  Note the pillarless Hardtop.  Also note that all 4 power windows work great!

This was the last of the Virgil Exner design cars, and the styling is amazing! It would be the perfect accent piece for mid-century modern architecture!  Note the deep wrap-around windshield, the body contours,  and the liberal use of chrome!

When I bought it, I disregarded my own usual  advice, and I drove it from it’s former owner’s home to my shop, a distance of 425 miles, on a hot day, finishing up with the worst that Los Angeles freeway traffic had to offer.  That car performed flawlessly!  I felt like I had just picked up a brand new Chrysler from the dealer in ’64!

It ran smoothly, the brakes are great, the front suspension is tight, It’s quiet, and best of all, the Air Conditioning blows ice cold air! On the final portion of the drive it was about 85 degrees outside, and I drove the entire L.A. freeway system with the windows up and the air conditioning blasting!  And, the traffic reports coming in loud and clear on the mellow toned AM radio! Here’s the view from the captain’s chair – The dash is just perfect, look how nice the chrome is! and, the square steering wheel is a design statement for certain!  The factory color for the interior is Mauve.  All of those gauges work properly, too.

Let’s go down the option list on this car:

  • Cold Factory A/C
  • Pushbutton torqueflite automatic – note that ’64’s had a park range, so the car stays where you tell it!
  • Power Steering
  • Power Brakes
  • Power windows – all 4 working great!
  • AM radio
  • Power seat – works great!

That is the ORIGINAL interior in unbelievably nice condition!

It’s every bit as nice as it looks in the photo

All that interior chrome and trim – and there is a lot of it – is just beautiful.

Not only is the trim excellent, the fabric and carpeting – which are the original items – are awesome too!

Another look at the incredibly nice original interior. It’s obvious to me that this car spent it’s life indoors, because it looks – and feels – good inside, with none of the fading /discoloration/brittleness that you usually find with an original interior.  It looks and acts fresh and new!

And, the 413 Cubic inch 4 Barrel V-8, with 340 Horsepower! It was rebuilt by the former owner before his passing, and I can tell you they did a great job! It’s smooth, quiet and powerful.  Also note all the new A/C components, which resulted in very effective interior refrigeration!

The engine is nice and clean and correct.  Also note that the original paint shows on the fenderwells.

Here’s the trim tag, showing the Paint Code 00 for Rosewood, and the Trim code H1M for Mauve interior

Excellent trunk, note the cardboard panels and spare and jack

detail of the cardboard panel

Nice trunk lid!

this is one of the few flaws on the car – The right side corner of the dash pad has pulled up and warped a bit.

Amazing, especially for a Chrysler of this vintage – a perfectly rust free original trunk floor!

An amazing car in unbelievably excellent condition!