This 1965 Mercury Marauder is unbelievably nice! It’s a documented California and Arizona car since new with only 59,000 original miles and a straight, solid, rust free body. Binder full of work receipts including Engine rebuild totaling over $17,000 !


The Mercury Marauder was built on the Monterey platform, with fastback roof and 390 cubic inch Ford FE V8 Engine. The fastback design was intended for stock car racing.


This car has a great profile!  And the condition is stunning! It’s had a great combination of caring owners and excellent, high quality work with receipts that show not only the work but the progression of mileage. It’s well equipped with 390 V-8 Engine, Merc-O-Matic 3 speed automatic transmission, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Remote Mirror, Tinted glass, and 15 inch wheels.



The paint and bodywork is absolutely gorgeous, in Polar White. the paint is very high quality, deep and smooth. You can see the reflections in this photo.


The Chrome and trim is gorgeous too!


This car is exceptional throughout! Everything was done in a high quality, professional way!


Here’s the statement from the second owner, attesting to the mileage. He bought it in 1966 with 9,000 miles, and kept it until 2006 ! Amazing!


Receipts are included with the car, and total over $17,000 (not including the car!) since 2006, including rebuilt engine, new high quality paint and chrome, transmission re-seal, front end bushings, power steering pump, power steering gearbox, heater core, and much more.  It has had the best of professional care, with documents to prove it!

It has had a total of 5 owners since new!





Rare to find one in excellent condition like this!


The checkered flag says it all – this car was designed to win on the NASCAR circuit!


The original brochure is included, and comparing the photos shows how nice and authentic this car is!



Awesome trim !


Beautiful Hubcaps and excellent whitewall tires!


The interior is an incredibly nice original interior!  I think this is an excellent window into how nicely this car has been cared for – the colors are still vibrant, the steering wheel is wonderful, with the combination opaque and translucent rim that looks great!


All original and in absolutely beautiful condition!


The Steering wheel is a work of art – the back half is clear, and the front half is blue. And it’s beautiful, no cracks, a delight to behold.


The instruments and the dash trim are beautiful indeed!  Note that in this photo, the mileage just turned exactly 59,000.  I put another 100 miles or so on it.


Note the map light working, and the Mark IV AC unit.


One of the very few flaws, a small dash crack starting at the speaker corner.


Another way to look at a low mileage car – lightly used pedals!


Beautiful doorpanels


Excellent doorjambs – the paint preparation and execution were top notch!  Also note the weatherstripping was done when it was painted and it is fresh and soft. It’s this type of detail that makes a beautiful car that the new owner can be proud of!


Let’s open the hood – it’s really nice, clean, and authentic here!


The big 390 Cubic inch Mercury V-8 – a powerful torque-monster!


The engine and transmission were rebuilt, with receipts included in the file!  Note the “Mercury” stamped in the valvecovers


The hood insulators were done after paint, a nice touch when you open the hood!


This is a fully operational car – the wipers, horn, turn signals, lights, dash lights, brake lights, high and low beams, and heater / defroster all work like they’re supposed to!  The Radio and clock don’t work, and the A/C isn’t cold.


Beautiful chrome and lenses!


Amazingly nice trunk, with original mats in excellent condition!


Here it is with the mats removed – that brown stuff is the dried mat glue, not rust! Also note the new trunk weatherstripping.


there’s the original jack


Absolutely fantastic solid original sheetmetal underneath!


Another view of the awesome original floorpans – totally solid and nice!  The reality of the car matches the California and Arizona history and documentation!


This is the bottom of the trunk floor, we’re standing underneath the rear bumper for this shot. and the gas tank just ahead of it. This is just the driest, nicest undercarriage ever!


And speaking of dry, here’s the nice, dry oil pan and the nice, dry transmission pan. This car has been beautifully maintained!


A beautiful car with perfect western history, excellent caring owners and  high quality restoration work that is documented by receipts!

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