Just out of a local man’s estate is this 1967 GTO Convertible – a very solid, rust free western car!

this car was in single ownership since 1976 , in Southern California, with a brief stay in Las Vegas, Nevada, and then back to Southern California, where I acquired it. The former owner really loved this car.  Being a southwestern car, it is as rust-free as something like this can be!

I love the Rallye I wheels.  The tires are radials, and nearly new.

Nice, straight, original body panels, with a good, older paint job and good plating.

Of course, it’s a real GTO, with the 242 VIN prefix.

The ’67 GTO is a high point of GM styling – and that’s a bold statement!

Dual exhausts, obviously.  The exhaust system is all new, and it meets up with some really interesting exhaust manifolds – the ’67 Ram-air factory cast iron headers are mounted to the car!  Also included are the original exhaust manifolds.

The interior is in good shape, with excellent seats and carpeting.

The dashboard is not quite as sharp, it could use some restoration work.  The original radio and knobs are also included with the car, I’ll show photos of the included parts at the bottom of the display.

Here’s the doorpanel, note the speaker.

Nice back seat and top boot.

Speaking of the top, here it is in the up position.  It’s all there and complete, but it needs to have the electric top motor replaced.

top bows are in good shape.  The top fabric should be replaced.

The top should be replaced.

Here is the 400 V-8 engine, which I believe to be the original one.  YS stamping,  670 Cylinder heads, 9786133 cylinder block all line up as original 1967 GTO 400 cubic inch items.  I have the PHS document on order, which should allow me to identify the engine unit number conclusively as the original.  The exhaust manifolds are the super rare RAM-AIR units, which the owner found and installed.

It has an aftermarket intake manifold and holley carburetor, but the original intake manifold is included, shown at the bottom of the display.  Same with the original valvecovers.

The engine runs great!

400 V-8, runs great!

there’s the YS stamping on the block, indicating 400 Cubic inch with automatic transmission.

Here’s the 670 Cylinder head casting – short for 978670, which is the full casting number.  Correct for 1967 400

Let’s move to the undercarriage, where we see new exhaust system, and perfect, unrusted original sheetmetal !

Wow! Awesome un-rusted rocker panels!

Here’s the trim tag,  showing this car was originally white with black bench seat.  it also shows it’s originally a GTO convertible, with the 67-24267

Here’s the trunk

Nice Rallye 1 spare, with jack and lugwrench too.

Surface rust only on the trunk, nothing is through, and the sheetmetal is still solid.

Here’s the totally rust free driver’s side.

Here’s the transmission tag.  the final sequence doesn’t match the vin #, so I’m assuming the transmission was replaced when it was rebuilt.

lets crawl out from underneath and get another look at this car!

And, below, are the parts that are included:

Original valvecovers, intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, and non-tilt steering column. ( the car has a tilt column in it now )

Here’s the original radio.  I have the knobs, too.