Collector Car Financing has really progressed from the old days, when no self-respecting bank would finance an old car.  Today, there are many choices to finance your classic car purchase.

You can also use your Bank or Credit Union, as long as you can establish a value. Most aren’t familiar with the Old car appraisal guides, but if you can show them the “Book” Value, many of them are willing to finance.  I’ve sold many cars through Credit Union loans.  I can help them establish a value, so they feel secure with the collateral on the loan.

Of course, you’ll have to contact them directly to establish your eligibility for financing. The Vault Classic Cars does not offer Financing directly.  You will have to make your own financing arrangements.

Here are some Links:

http://www.JJBEST.COM – They will finance cars that are valued between $7500 to $500,000. I’ve been pleased with them in prior dealings.

JJBEST CLASSIC CAR LOANS, CLASSIC CAR FINANCING – This company can set up a lease, with a defined term, and a $1 buyback.  They have other plans as well.  If you are planning on buying or using your Classic car for company purposes, this option has some advantages, depending, of course, on your individual situation. They offer a variety of financing plans, particularly good if you are using your car as a business expense.

Exotic and Vintage Motorcar Leasing Capital One – a very large lender, with competitive rates. They have financed many collector cars for my customers.