The Following are shippers that I’ve used before and been satisfied with.  If you buy a car from the Vault Classic Cars, or use these shippers for your own car, you do so on your own, the Vault Classic cars does not assume any risk or liability for any problem or loss that occurs during shipping.   This list is a convenience listing only.

Louis Classic & Specialty Auto Transport


Louis is based in California – and, in my book, is the most careful car shipper in the world.  He has shipped million dollar cars, he’ll take your car to a show, and meet you there so you don’t have to drive it.  He’ll go anywhere in the Continental U.S.

Here’s a photo of the rig, along with the trailer, he’s got a 2 car carrying capability.
Here it is in the tilt-down mode. Both the truck and trailer have power winches, and, obviously, there won’t be any cars above yours to leak or get too close and cause damage. There’s a photo of Louis himself at work unloading my ’41 Packard.